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The Cabinet of
Dr. Caligari

Walking Boxes Productions has created a new original score and script to accompany the screening of this 1919 German film. Live vocal actors, musicians and sound effects technicians give voice and sound to this silent-era cinematic masterpiece.

During the early decades of motion pictures, film exhibitors worldwide experimented with having entertainers sit next to the screen to provide commentary and dialogue. Walking Boxes Productions has decided to carry out one of these experiments on its own.
Livedialogue, music and sound effects willall be included to create a trulyunique film-watchingexperience.

Listen to a live performance of the play given by The Erstwhilists in 2006.

SilentEra.com lists The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari in the top ten silent motion pictures of all time. See the full list at: www.silentera.com

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