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(Guitar Centric)

-Demos and Independent Releases-
All works composed and performed by J Roth except where indicated


Cover art by J Roth

The Final Hunt

-Acoustic compositions of J Roth-

1) Then Again
2) Whatever It May Be
November 26, 1996
4) Osaka Fireflies
White Sands
Used to Be
Mugi Shuffle
8) Cedar Song
9) Gravy
10) Haloed
11) The Way
12) Chiggydem
13) And a Day
14) Crepuscule Covey
15) One More

Cover art by J Roth

        Easy (does it)

1) Easy
Little Red Wagon
3) Slept on Rooftops
4) Might as Well Groove
5) Little Star
6) Cicadas
7) Up and Away

9) Hats Off to Kevin Keith
10) The Carpet

Bonus Track:

11) She Said OK

Slept on Rooftops > co-written with Nate Corbett

Ted Hille
Little Star > Ryan Evans & Nate Corbett
Up and Away > Ryan Evans & Nate Corbett
Onomatopoeia > Kevin Keith

Cover art by J Roth

       Brother Nature

            Early compositions of J Roth: 1989-91
-also featuring Paul Cameron and Ted Hille-

1) Butterfly
2) Leaves
Jester's Crown
4) The Return of Icarus
5) Snowflower
6) Open Up Your Window
7) Sunshine Blues
8) Eck Beck (A River Haiku)

Invisible Rain
10) Rabbits Turn

Bonus Tracks:
11) Wanderings
12) Falling, Still Falling

13) Portland Rain

Snowflower co-written with Paul Cameron
Falling, Still Falling & Portland Rain co-written with Ted Hille

Horace Greeley the Lesser:
Set Sail for the
Isle of Misfit Toys


-Soundtrack to the Stage Play-
Songs written & performed by
J Roth, Paul Cameron & Ryan Murphy

1) I am and I am Not
Through the Straights of Rationality
3) Set Sail to the Isle of Misfit Toys
4) Bisy Backson

5) Al Superfly
6) Tin Man Too
7) Wee Wee Wee

Bonus Tracks:
DeSpot Yuk Theme 1
SS Theme
Bric-a-Brac Wastes
Slinky Pits
Moonracer Ruins
DeSpot Yuk Theme 2
DeSpot Yuk (Absolute Curtains)

Cover art by J Roth

Another Hunt...
Acoustic compositions of J Roth
    -also featuring Paul Cameron and Amy Cush-

1) Pressin' On
2) Dharamsala
Roadside Butterflies
4) Mando
5) Novah
6) Gemini: 1st Born
7) Raklo Hum
8) Kok
9) Viper Tamer
10) Cera Cerra
11) Still Melissa
12) Roll on Diesel
13) Chanson
14) Jezzebelle

Bonus Tracks:

15) Get on Back
16) Not Quite Brazil

17) Chapel Jam




Cover art by J Roth


The Hunt...
Acoustic compositions of J Roth
    -also featuring: Paul Cameron,
Inesis Vitols, Willie Cupp, Carlos B. Jones, Jeff Nordin, Christine Nordin, and Dan Roth

1) Bala
2) The Gala
3) Cricket Hiccup
4) But a Small Matter in the Karakum
5) Avalanche
6) The Dragonfly Hunter
7) Masha (Alternate Take)
8) Mags
9) Finnian Murphy
10) Wings

Finnian Murphy co-written with Paul Cameron





Cover art by Kelly Frankenberg



Under a Blue Sun
Compositions of J Roth
   -also featuring: Milt Cannon, Cary Trott, Carlos B. Jones, Kevin Keith, Heather Filbey, Peg Millet, Andy "the Mountain" Millison, Jackie Kolenko, Ryan Evans, and Colin Crockett  

1) Allegiance
2) No Farther
3) May the Cow Jump Over You
4) Masha
5) The Night is Moon
6) Catfish in My Shoe
7) Rooted to a Rock
8) Blue Sun

9) Canoe


Catfish in My Show co-written w/ Kevin Keith
Night is Moon co-written w/ Kevin Keith
& Jackie Kolenko
Canoe co-written w/ Paul Cameron


Cover art by J Roth

St. Theresa's Diesel
songs written & performed by

St. Theresa's Diesel
(Chris Hout - Kevin Keith - Randy Platt - J Roth)

1) Slowpening it Up
3) Untitled #1
4) Tunafish Tease
5) Untitled #2
6) Island of Bees
7) Your Love is Heroin
8) Bust My Chops
9) In the Cage
10) Closing it Down

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