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(albums featuring: balalaika, domra, oud, and shamisen)
-Demos and Independent Releases-
All works composed and performed by J Roth except where indicated


Cover art by Irena Salgan

      The Little Prince

            -Soundtrack to the New Stage Play-
w/ songs adapted from Mozart's "Fantasy in Dm"
      - featuring balalaika, domra, and clarinet-

1) The Little Prince's Theme
2) The Desert
Snake's Theme (duet)
4) The Little Prince's Rose (Hello)
5) The Little Prince Travels
6) The Little Prince's Rose (Thorns)
7) Laughing Stars
8) The Fox's Theme (solo)

The Snake'sTheme (emsemble)
10) The Fox's Theme (ensemble)


Cover art by Mamed Mamedov

Mamed and the Golden Coins

-Soundtrack to the Shadow Play-
- featuring the Egyptian oud-

1) Mamed's Theme (Lale Lale)
2) Across the Sands
Gul Yali Dance
4) Mullah
5) Shatranj
6) Iomud-bek

7) Dev Well
8) Night Sands
9) Caravanserai

Cover art by Daria Pogorelova



-Original Music from the Yolka Stage Plays-
- featuring balalaika and domra-

Yolka 2007
Baba Yaga's Theme
Ded Moroz's Lament (They Want and They Want)
Baba Yaga's Cauldron

Yolka 2008
 Little Baba's Song
 Cattail Dance
 Cattail Prance
Baba's Wind

Cover art by J Roth

Dragonfly Hunter


-Soundtrack to the Shadow Play-
- featuring the Japanese shamisen-

1) The Dragonfly Hunter
Jabu's Theme/The Darshadkolo
3) Bickersong
4) Hill-san
5) Sejhehii
6) Riidopo
7) The Wingless Flier
8) The Tehii Orchard
9) The Voice of Behei
10) Chameleon's Theme

Bonus Tracks:

Jabu's Theme (on piano)
12) The Dragonfly Hunter (on guitar)

Cover art by J Roth

     Musicker's Balalaika

                  -Soundtrack to the Stage Play-
         - featuring balalaika, domra and clarinet-

1) Dima's Theme/Bessarabia
Beng's Lieutenants/Leningrad
3) Matushka Volga
4) Stalingrad (Bala)
5) The Trampler/Grave Situation
6) The Adder/Wolf's Lair
7) Siber
8) Bessarabia (Reprise)

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