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(Piano Centric)

-Demos and Independent Releases-
All works composed and performed by J Roth except where indicated.


Cover art by David Geister

Chickens on the Freeway:
Original Cast Album

-A new, stage musical by
J Roth & J.B. Eckert-

    ACT 1
1) Men and the News
Shards of My Ambitions
3) Chickens on the Freeway
4) Desk
Save Me Prince Charming
The Serum
7) Scourge

    ACT 2
8) Hi-Low Bambi
Silent Jack
10) The Kids are Hungry
11) All Alone
12) Scourge (reprise)

13) To Right a Wrong

14) How We Do News

Full Musician and Cast Credits


       Rekindle Cinema

                     -Soundtrack to the Film-

1) Rekindle Opening Theme
2) Battery Ash Baseball
Trains & Streetcars
4) Old Amusement Park
5) Carnival
6) Skate Show
7) The Neighborhood
8) Ghosts

Rekindle Closing Theme

Cover image from public archive

Le Phonometrician

- J Roth tinkers with some classics on the
Ramsey's 1872 Steinway Grand -

1) Satie: Gymnopedie No.1
Handel: Sarabande
3) Beethoven: Moonlight Sonata
4) Debussy: Claire de Lune
5) Chopin: Prelude in Em

6) Pachebel: Canon in D

7) Satie: Gymnopedie No. 3


Cover image from public archive

Detective Gai:
The Case of the
Mess at Tesla's


-Soundtrack to the Radio Play-

1) Gumshoe Haiku
2) No Angel
The Box
4) Tesla's Pigeon
5) Tesla's Death Ray
6) Teslore


F. Scott Fitzgerald's
The Camel's Back

-Radio Play Adaptation of the Short Story-  
performed by:
J Roth & the Erstwhilists

Samples from the Play:
The Camel's Back Theme
Waltz for BM

 The Snake Charmer
Subtle, Esoteric Sort of Wink

Cover art by J Roth

Wallace & the Dragon

Soundtrack to the Stage Play by:
(J Roth &
Sir Anthony)

1) Opening
The Door/Origin of Species
3) The First Ship
4) Magnificient Conflagration
5) Rain Spectacles
6) Orang Hunt
7) Little Mias
8) Savages/Rain Spectacles (reprise)
9) Dance of the Komodo Dragons
10) The Second Ship
11) By the Letters
12) The Knight of Darwin
13) Seance
14) A Trumpery Affair
15) The Final Ship

Cover art by J Roth

Flyhard Jenkins
Radio Show


Flyhard's Formula 
      Flyhard Show Theme

Flyhard's Closing Theme

Public Service Announcement: Wind Power

Flyhard's Formula
co-written with Terry Kennedy-Lares


Cover art by J Roth



-New Soundtrack to the Silent Film Classic-  

Samples from the Score:
Meet Dr. Caligari
 Step Right Up!
 The Abduction
 The Secret Tomes


Cover art by David Geister


Donovan's Brain

-Radio Drama with New Soundtrack
performed by:

J Roth & the Erstwhilists

1) Act 1
2) Intermission
3) Act 2

Bonus Tracks:
4) Donovan's Bane (An Overture)
5) Spring 2005 Ads

Cover art by J Roth

Walk Among the Boxes
-The CatHmpft Story-

(recorded: 2004)

       -Soundtrack to the Stage Play-        

1) Cat Hmpft
3) The Waltz
4) Azure
5) Score
6) Waitin' on Sister Saturday
7) Cut Terms
8) Syrenity
9) Smooth
10) Inkling
11) While All My Blue Ladies Sleep

Bonus Track:
Hope that You Feel Better

Cover art by Mugsy T.

Dragonfly Hunter


-Soundtrack to the Novel-

1) The Dragonfly Hunter
Jabu's Theme
3) The Gala
4) Revealings
5) The Dhao/Dust on the Wall
6) The Satii
7) Behei
8) Closings

Bonus Tracks:
Jabu's Theme (on piano)
10) The Satii (on piano)
11) Sejhehii (from the Shadow Play)


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