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Donovan's Brain

Curt Siodmak's novel, Donovan's Brain, tells the chilling story of a doctor
who keeps a brain alive as part of a scientific experiment, only to discover
too late that it is taking control over his thoughts and actions.
A radio drama version of Donovan's Brain was broadcast in 1944 as part of
the radio program SUSPENSE. The lead role was played by Orson Welles.
Orson Welles, best known for his infamous War of the Worlds (1938)
broadcast and cinematic masterpiece Citizen Kane (1941),
gives a brilliant performance in Donovan's Brain as the protagonist,
Dr. Patrick Cory and his emerging alter-ego, Donovan.

The Erstwhilists presented a restaging of this 1944 classic
as part of their live-off-the-air radio broadcasts.

The Musicker's Gazette No.3 contains more information
about the production and its participating artists.

Listen to Donovan's Brain.

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