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Dragonfly Hunter
- an epic fantasy -

written by
J Roth


The Inherents


*inherent: clan/tribal unit with a common language and customs.

The Gala

The vast majority of Gala live on the Mid Step. A smaller group lives outside the Steps.

Will eat most anything from the water: jhejhe, kpilo-crawlers, fruftu-croakers being some of the more common. Jhuun eggs are considered a delicacy as is the rare and prized fruit of the hkxru plant. Hkxru leaves are fermented into a drink called glosala.

Political System:
They are ruled by a group of leaders who wield power from Tome Hall.

Relations with Other Inherents:
The closest neighboring inherent to the Gala is the Ioehrii; relations with them has always been tenuous. Some of those from the Giiyez inherent have been allowed to settle within an enclave in the outskirts of the Gala confines. Though they are estranged, the Gala's strongest linguistic and cultural ties are with the Jinwaane. They are on friendly terms with the Satii though the Satii remain closed to them (and all inherents).

The Gala are believed to be the largest of all inherents. Their language is the closest thing to a common tongue spoken by the various inherents in the Steps. They were the first to attempt (unsuccessfully) to unify all the inherents.

Due to living amidst the waters of the Mid Step, all Gala are excellent swimmers.

Several Gala Idioms:
fat fingers: expression of joy upon catching a jhejhe (the Gala would
    say one must feed their fingers to their children if they failed to catch     any jhejhe); also can mean 'what luck'
net mender: old, mostly worthless (the Gala elders can't do much other     than sit around and mend the nets)
put someone in the pot: have your way with; take advantage of


The Kkhi

Most Kkhi live above the valley, huddled around the castle compound. They are referred to as Kkhi-Toppers by a smaller group of Kkhi who live in the valley at Mill Town. These Mill-Towners are the descendents of dungeon fodder (Kkhi jargon for 'criminals') sent to work at the mill.

They are hunters and farmers, subsisting largely on a kind of squash they grow. Those in the valley also gather berries, mushrooms, and other wild edibles.

Political System:
They are ruled by the Sdei (title given to the ruler of the Kkhi, a position held by the eldest child of each successive Sdei). The Sdei employs a council upon which sits his advisors among whom is Jabu's father, the Falconer. The Sdei also has an army called the Tditu. The Tditu is under the command of the Hijm.

Relations with Other Inherents:
The only other inherent the Kkhi have contact with are those Gala living outside the Steps. The Kkhi have enslaved most of these.

The Kkhi at Mill Town have mixed over two generations with the Gala. The children of these mixed marriages are referred to as Gala-iin (implied to have the rear-end of a Gala).

Those Kkhi living above the valley generally dislike those at Mill Town and vice-versa. The Kkhi tell of a shadow-weaver named Draezel who with his color-eaters, the darshadkolo, wreak havoc in the valley.

Several Kkhi Idioms:
build my fire in a puddle: waste my time
knee-cutter: someone who is traitorous
turn my shadow inside out: twist my words; make me look bad two wings underneath: to be crazy


The Satii

The Satii live upon the Lower Step at the end of the Bridegroad.

They have gardens in which they are able to grow some food. They also consume jhejhe (fish) from the waters at the end of their confines.

Political System:
The Qen'satii consists of four females each representing an age group and each having a specific realm of concern. The youngest is the Qen'sii; she is responsible for matters concerning the children and elderly. Next is the Qen'aam who is responsible for the security of the Satii including the warders (warriors). Next is the Qen'oqi, responsible for the general well-being of the Satii, including food distribution and healers. Lastly is the Qen'iieiie who is responsible for education, rituals, and stories.

Relations with Other Inherents:
The Satii have closed themselves to all other inherents. They maintain a trading relationship with the Ioehrii and the Gala. They have been at war with the Uuxt for as long as any can remember.

The Satii are the only inherent to develop a number system which incorporates the concept of the dii. Four is considered the perfect number, but five is the dii, which increases that perfection through its counterbalance with other four.
The Satii have closed their confines to all other inherents, thus little is known about them.

Several Satii Words:
maate: a Satii weapon consisting of a handle (about an arm's length)    with a thin, curved blade upon one end.
majh-sojourn: a vision-journeying undertaken by the Qen'satii to seek    glimpses of larger truth and understanding.
szula: spirit(s) that will sneak upon a sleeping youth and steal some of    their breath; they use the breath to fly upon.


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