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Dragonfly Hunter

The Dragonfly Hunter is an epic novel written by J Roth.
In 2006, a shadow play adaptation of the novel was staged.

The novel follows Jabu, the young Dragonfly Hunter,
who is sent to do the impossible pull fiery Asonay from the sky.
By doing so he is drawn into an adventure involving people
and places he never could have imagined existed...

Several of the groups of people Jabu encounters
have their own language. One of these groups is the Gala.
The Gala language contains a perspective of the world
not easily accessible through the English language.

Every week or so a new word from the Gala language will appear here.


: tree(s)
tii: to stand
wan: concept of existence - between worlds.

Literal meaning: they who stand between worlds.
The tiiwan, considered as people by the Gala,
are viewed as beings who extend themselves into
the world above and below and exist in the wan -
that place where the above and the below meet.


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