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A puppet play adaptation of J Roth's epic fantasy
The Dragonfly Hunter

This adapted version of The Dragonfly Hunter tells the story of Jabu, a young boy who is convinced that all he has to do to help the hot-headed, quarrelsome people cool down is reach up and
take a piece of the sun.

He manages to take hold of the sun,
but in the process drops it and it's eaten by a hill.
With the help of his trusty dragonfly companion named Httt,
Jabu journeys to the underworld in a desperate effort
to recover the sun.

The show features intriguing shadow puppets, backdrops
and an incredible prehistoric-sized dragonfly puppet created by
local puppet-artist extraordinare Malia Burkhart.

The show also features live music played upon
the shamisen (Japanese three-stringed instrument)
by the trickster, Chameleon, as he narrates the tale.

Listen to music samples from the shadow play sound track.

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