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The Flyhard Jenkins Radio Show

"Hey, if off-Broadway can be legitimate theater,
why can't off-the-air be legitimate radio?"
So asks Flyhard Jenkins who has been doing radio shows
off-the-air since the mid '80s.

Little is known about Flyhard including his real name.
When asked how he got his nickname he replied:
"I'm going against the spin, you know what I mean?
You got to fly hard when they're trying to hold you down to the ground."


Listen to themes from Flyhard's show:
Flyhard's Formula (sample)
Flyhard's Closing Theme (sample)

To learn more about Flyhard:
The Musicker's Gazette No.2

Public Service Announcement featured in Flyhard's show:
Wind Power

Flyhard's Formula co-written with Terry Kennedy-Lares
2004 All Rights Reserved.