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Horace Greeley the Lesser

Horace Greeley the Lesser

with his trio: HG3-0
crashes into you with one song
and nurses your bruises with the next.

One ficticious critic has commented:
"He's the hippest shnerb I've ever seen.
His soup has some familar ingredients:
a little Tom Waits, a little Bojangles,
a little Steven Wright, a little Chet Baker-
but in the end the flavor is uniquely his own."

With an arsenal that includes:
Guitar    Clarinet    Cymbals
Metal-legs    Washtub Bass
Trumpets   Thunder Sheet

HG3-0 really needs to be experienced live
to appreciate the method behind the madness,
but here are some samples to give you an idea:


(featuring trumpets)


(featuring trumpet)

(featuring metal-legs)

(featuring metal-legs)
Bisy Backson
(featuring washtub bass)

(featuring cymbal)


(featuring concertina)
(featuring clarinet)

Featured in the
2009 Minnesota Fringe Festival

Horace Greeley the Lesser:
On the Isle of Misfit Toys

Fifty years have passed since Rudolph
visited the fabled Isle of Misfits.
Now the hapless toys live in terror
of their new, evil dictator.
Can Horace, armed only with his
musical weapons, liberate the Misfits?

Listen to music samples from
the CD soundtrack.

watch the video trailer:

The Musicker's Gazette No.3
has an interview of Horace given by Flyhard Jenkins.


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