Donovan’s Brain

Cover art by David Geister

The Erstwhilists adapted this 1944 classic as part of their live-off-the-air radio broadcasts with J Roth composing a new soundtrack to accompany the production. The show image was created by David Geister – see the full color poster

The Musicker’s Gazette No.3┬ácontains more information about the production and its participating artists.

Jeffry Nordin as Dr. Patrick Cory
Christine Nordin as Janice Cory
Dave Geister as Dr. Schratt
John Knauss as David Cory
Paul Cameron as Donovan (voice and theremin voice)
J Roth as The Man in the Black Hat

Erstwhilist Cast of “Donovan’s Brain” (2005)

Curt Siodmak’s novel, Donovan’s Brain, tells the chilling story of a doctor who keeps a brain alive as part of a scientific experiment, only to discover too late that it is taking control over his thoughts and actions.

A radio drama version of Donovan’s Brain was broadcast in 1944 as part of the radio program SUSPENSE. The lead role was played by Orson Welles. Orson Welles, best known for his infamous War of the Worlds (1938) broadcast and cinematic masterpiece Citizen Kane (1941), gives a brilliant performance in Donovan’s Brain as the protagonist, Dr. Patrick Cory and his emerging alter-ego, Donovan.

Orson Welles (image via Wikimedia Commons)