Cover art by J Roth

Recorded during the summer of 2013, the cicadas were going crazy that year, their song penetrating through the closed windows. They can be heard contributing to several tunes.

A handful of these songs were born during the spontaneity of jam sessions with friends (1993-2005) and kicked around for years before being given their final form here. Those ‘co-catalysts’:
Ted Hille on “Easy”
Ryan Evans & Nate Corbett on “Little Star” and “Up and Away”
Kevin Keith on “Onomatopoeia”

Many of the songs here were at one time intended to be part of a children’s album.

All songs written, performed, and produced by J Roth (except lyrics on “Slept on Rooftops” which were pieced together using poem-thoughts written by Nate Corbett).