Flyhard Jenkins

Flyhard Jenkins

Flyhard Jenkins
Radio Show

“Hey, if off-Broadway can be legitimate theater, why can’t off-the-air be legitimate radio?” So asks Flyhard Jenkins who has been doing radio shows off-the-air since the mid ’80s.

Little is known about Flyhard including his real name. When asked how he got his nickname he replied: “I’m going against the spin, you know what I mean? You got to fly hard when they’re trying to hold you down to the ground.”

Between 2004-2006, Flyhard hosted several of his musical variety shows at the Acadia in Minneapolis before flying off again. Fly on, Flyhard Jenkins!

Poster featuring Flyhard’s unique mic

Listen to themes from Flyhard’s show:

Flyhard’s Formula (Main Theme)

Flyhard’s Closing Theme

Public Service Announcement featured in Flyhard’s show: Wind Power

*Flyhard’s Formula co-written with Terry Kennedy-Lares