prelude / one-tale
The Cycles (Know to Fear)
The Gray Man
Fire Becomes Your Friend
Can’t Answer True to Any
Shadow Among Shadow
First Dreamare

two-tale / three-tale
Day Be Good to Ye
Began All with Nothing
Fondness for Sadness
Somewhere Between
Worth No More
Never Return
Firelight Chases After
Second Dreamare

four-tale / five-tale
Not One of Anyone
I Dreamed of Ye
Though it Trembles
The Gray Man (reprise)
Desert Remains Desert
Among the Secret Language
Cycles (Long to Remember)

In 2021, phillip bennet low approached J about conceiving a soundtrack for “The Gray and the Gold”, phillip’s solo stage show that would be featured in the upcoming Fringe Festival.

Thoroughly intrigued by the dark, hypnotic tale, J agreed. For the score, all the instruments were tuned into previously unfamiliar configurations inspired by the world of phillip’s devising. Of the instruments, in addition to guitars, the following were employed: koto (Japanese), domra (Russian), oud (Egyptian), erhu and bamboo jaw harp (Cambodian).