Musicker’s Tribunal


A hapless musicker strives to fulfill a contract he doesn’t remember signing – a contract which condemns him to continue to live until he can die within a mood of satisfaction.

From Civil War veteran to reticent horn player in Ghengis Khan’s army;
from defender of Stalingrad against the Nazis to atomic bomb survivor of Hiroshima – through the most trying of situations the Musicker attempts to sing and play himself into Blessed Oblivion.

This debut show of J Roth with his company, Walking Boxes, featured him playing different “musickers” performing with their individual instruments:

Lonnie – an American Civil War vet and his trombone
Gylych – a Turkmen spice road traveler and his suona horn
Dmitri Andreyev
– WWII Russian soldier and his balalaika
Tomita Kyu – Japanese atomic bomb survivor and his shamisen
J Roth – modern American musician wannabe and his guitar
J Mo – 1930s jazz musician and his piano
Plus an interlude with the Musicker on clarinet.

Paul Cameron was the other artist featured in the production, providing musical accompaniment and acting as the voice of the Tribunal.

The Musicker’s Gazette No. 1 and The Musicker’s Gazette No. 3 (pg 3) 
tell more of the story and contain information about the artists and sponsors involved with the production…

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