Set Sail for the Isle of Misfit Toys (the reviews)

Audience Reviews from the 2009 Minnesota Fringe Festival for 
Horace Greeley the Lesser: On the Isle of Misfit Toys

Don’t miss, last chance tonight!
by Daniel Cusick

Walking Boxes have captured a unique mix of musical and cinematic genres with Isle of Misfit Toys, and rare is the production that can include a Speak-and-Spell toy among its core cast members. But here J. Roth and Co., spin a mildly dark comedy masterwork with a soundtrack to boot. Horace’s ode to Pooh on the washtub bass alone makes this one worth seeing. Come fresh, though. The writing is sharp but the pace is fast. Your childhood memories are bound to be piqued with a kind of Maurice Sendak-meets-Joseph Conrad sensibility.

by Allison Stadt

This show has it all, comedy, adventure, music, a song about the tin man, and a child’s toy named FU! You’ll love it!!

by Marina Shkolnik

Talented, energetic, interesting story and good music; I enjoyed the show a lot!

FU & Horace Make a Great Team!!
by Anthony Sandusky

Loved it! Music, Comedy & Story-telling, all brilliantly done, there’s more than a little something for everyone here. If you’ve happened to catch Horace & his crew jammin’ on the streets this past week and were the least bit entertained, GO TO THE SHOW!…what they do on the streets is a mere appetizer, compared to the full-blown theater experience, and as for myself, I can’t wait to go again this weekend!

A Little Bit of Everything
by Aidan Thillman

Imagination, humor, drama, music, plot – this production has it all. Prepare for 60 entertaining minutes as Horace Greeley takes you on a modern-day adult fairy tale adventure. You’ll enjoy the ride.

Absolutely Brilliant!
by Mark Long

I can’t say they everyone will like or “get” this show, but it is a great story, well-told, with fantastic weavings of other movie plots intertwined. The songs are clever, as are the different instruments and props. Really, anyone that can link Rudolph, Misfit Toys, Apocalypse Now and others together is absolutely brilliant.

Completely crazy & totally talented
by puppet mochi

Drink some espresso before going to see this one & you should have no trouble keeping up. Actually the story line isn’t that hard to follow, especially with the great “song-breaks” with subjects from Winnie the Pooh to the Cow jumped over the moon… Original, witty lyrics, an actor who can make a speak’n’spell have a convincing personality, and an unexpected dark side that makes this not all fun & games. I totally recommend seeing this one. You’ll never see the Rudolph movie the same again…

Loved FU
by michael murphy

Boy oh Boy what an imagination! A simply amazing dialog interspersed with home spun music, clever props, and interesting plot twists. Can’t wait to see the unabridged version at a theatre near me. I’ll close as Horace might with a resounding “I am or I am not – what I thought”

thanks for the memories
by pam bolsinger

Thanks to the wild and wacky character Horace Greeley for the nostalgic trip down childhood’s memory lane. Slinkies and bears and FU oh my. Terrific

Great acting in all aspects!
by Sarah Aldridge

Great acting in all aspects – voice, expression, and movement –I could see the actor implementing a variety of modern and classic acting techniques. I enjoyed the script and music too. Do not miss this one!

Great performance!
by Elena Khalitov

The performance is full of energy and very nice music; some melodies got “stuck” in my head after the show and I would love to have a CD with the music. Absolutely brilliant acting! The performance made me wish to see J Roth in a play as one of Doestoeyvsky’s character. (Of course, it is a very different matter but his talent and deep personality would make him, for example, a great Raskolnikov on stage). I highly recommend to see the performance!


by Kevin Chick

I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful production. They worked in music and sound elements, excellently and in creative and innovative ways. I thought that the play really works one’s imagination. The 3 actors create excellent imagery and sensations with very little, with their smart use of props. I found myself smiling throughout the entire show. I highly recommend this production.

A misfit is welcome here

by David Otto Simanek

I am giving this a five because of my childhood and Horaces help for me to recall. Music was the favorite of mine! All adult children must see!

by Jeff Nordin

This play is PLAY! A celebration of play. The audience brings the toys. The performers play music. There is dance. This is a delight to experience. J. Roth is a Minnesota Living Treasure, Well supported by Paul Cameron and Ryan Murphy! Be young again, go see it!

Do you know why? Children do!
by Nick n Rosie Heille

Adults at play, in a land of yes, where there is a way. “Horace Greeley” is a play of the excitement of free association usually reserved for children. To understand it, the retentive adult, has to suspend judgment. The play’s creator, J Roth, appears to have channeled Jonathan Swift, the author of Gulliver’s Travels, to aid him. It is someplace between a 4 or five.

Overstuffed, but not a turkey.
by re gurgitate

Horace weaves a tale that’s complex and overlong. Not something expected when spinning a childhood story, but his inner child held forth for a number of very witty songs, which made it worth the trip.

(Note: The show received five other reviews. One of those reviews gave the show three-and-a-half kitties, two others gave it three, and two others only gave it two. We reserve the right to accentuate the positive.)