The Hunt

Cover art by J Roth

Recorded 2002-2003 on a 4-track analog recorder. Upon returning from abroad, J was anxious to record with some instruments he’d acquired during his travels. The album features instrumental songs (and one with vocals) incorporating: guitar, balalaika, domra, fiddle, mandolin, washboard, shamisen, bamboo jaw harp, djembe, congas, bodhran, Irish whistle, clarinet, and keyboards.

Vocals and instrumentation by J Roth with contributions from the following:
Inesis Vitols – fiddle on “Avalanche”
Willie Cupp – mandolin on “Avalanche”
Carlos B. Jones – percussion on “Masha”
Paul Cameron – rhythm guitar on “Finnian Murphy”
Jeffry Nordin – Irish whistle on “Finnian Murphy”
Christine Nordin – bodhran on “Finnian Murphy”
Dan Roth – voice of the leprechaun on “Finnian Murphy”

All songs written by J Roth.