Wallace & the Dragon

In 2007, J Roth joined forces with bassist Sir Anthony to form the musical combo “Theatron”. Starting with Sir Anthony’s song “Belly-Dance of the Komodo Dragon”, they began to put together a series of songs which would grow into a soundtrack for a script written by J Roth about Alfred Russell Wallace and his extraordinary life. That play, “Wallace & the Dragon” was performed as part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival that year, with Theatron (Roth on piano, Sir Anthony on bass) providing live accompaniment for the action on stage.

Cast of the Show:
Jeffry Nordin as Alfred Russel Wallace
David Otto Simanek as Roberts
James Eckert as Charles Darwin
J Roth as Bates
Alli-Tiger as Dragon, Ghost

Musicker’s Gazette No. 13 is full of information about Alfred Russel Wallace and the show.

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