Musicker’s Gazettes

The Musicker’s Gazettes were publications of Walking Boxes which accompanied many of the theatrical performances given by the company. The gazettes contain articles, interviews, stories and other musings relating to the performers and performances. Also within the gazettes are listings of the kind businesses who supported Walking Boxes.

Gazette No. 18    The Chickens on the Freeway Edition – Fall 2011
Page 1:  Notes from the Director
Page 2:  Cast & Crew
Page 3:  Women on TV, Civil Rights Act, True Chickens, Feminine Mystique, Clad Series
Pages 4, 5, 6:  Meet the Cast
Page 7: Chickens on the Freeway Crossword

Gazette No. 17    The Camel’s Back Hill House Edition – Fall 2010
Page 1: F. Scott Fizgerald’s ‘Camel’s Back’, Fitzgerald in Minnesota
Page 2:  Cast List, Giesen’s Costume Shop
Page 3:  F. Scott’s Short Stories, Hill House Letter, Flappers
Page 4:  Prohibition, $300 a Month to Dress On, Camel’s Roaming Minnesota?

Gazette No. 16    Ramsey House Christmas Special Edition – Fall 2009
Page 1:  What Year is It?, Thanks
Page 2:  Show Notes, History of the Music and Readings
Page 3:  History of the Music and Readings
Page 4:  The Ramsey Steinway Grand, Angels: Birds, Babies, or Babes?

Gazette No. 15   On the Isle of Misfit Toys Edition – Summer 2009
Page 1: Horace Greeley the Lesser: On the Isle of Misfit Toys Show Notes, Thanks
Page 2:  Horace Greeley the Lesser Crossword Puzzle
Page 3:  Horace Greeley the Lesser Word Find
Page 4:  National Toy Hall of Fame, Rudolph the Red’s Accounts

Gazette No. 14     The Camel’s Back Edition – Fall 2007
Page 1:  F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Intro to The Camel’s Back, Thanks
Page 2:  Cast & Crew, Fitzgerald in Minnesota, Saturday Evening Post Cover
Page 3:  F. Scott’s Short Stories, Hill House Letter, Flappers
Page 4:  Flush with Success, Prohibition, More Radio Shows Next Summer

Gazette No. 13    The Wallace & the Dragon Edition – Summer 2007
Page 1:  Alfred Russel Wallace, Thanks
Page 2:  Komodo Dragons, Origins of Language, Powers that Be
Page 3:  Production Notes, Film Locations, Theatron, CD Soundtrack for Sale
Page 4:  Meet the Cast & Crew
Page 5:  Truth or Fiction, Charles Darwin’s Ghost, Resource Materials
Page 6:  Map of Wallace’s Routes through the Malay Archipelago
Page 7:  Wallace’s View on Our Origins, Erstwhilists’ Newest Radio Drama
Page 8:  Malia Burkhart’s “Survival Pages”, From Russia with Love: Harmony Theatre

Gazette No. 12    The Dragonfly Hunter: Into the Shadows Edition – Winter 2007
Articles: Dragonflies, Chameleons, Puppetenacity, Asian Influence
Listings: Dragonfly Hunter Production Notes
Updates: Malia Burkhart, Karen Haselmann, Fiza Jaafar-Tribbett

Gazette No. 11     The Sorry, Wrong Number Edition – Fall 2006
Articles: Phone Frustration, The Erstwhilists, Theatron’s: Wallace & the Dragon
Listings: The Cast of Sorry, Wrong Number            
Lyrics: Flyhard’s Theme, Horace’s Schoolhouse Rock: Onomatopoeia
Updates: Malia Burkhart, Brian Just, Pigs in a Pen

Gazette No. 10     The Musicker’s Balalaika Edition – Summer 2006
Articles: Porajmos: The Gypsy Holocaust
Listings: Characters & Settings, Roma Terms, Research Materials
Image: Ilya Repin’s painting: Reply of Zaporozhian Cossacks to Sultan Mahmoud IV

Gazette No. 9    Another Caligari Edition – Spring 2006
Articles: Notes from the Director’s Mousehole
Listings: The Cast of Caligari and their Favorite Film Sets/Settings
Updates: White Elephant, George Brisse, Srazhalys, The Erstwhilists

Gazette No. 8     Winter 2006
Articles: South Minneapolis/Richfield in 1873 vs. 2006 (including maps)
Updates: Caligari, Flyhard Jenkins, The Musicker, The Erstwhilists
Gazette No. 7    Another Caligari Edition – Fall 2005
Articles: Historical Notes, German Expressionism, Live Actors w/ Silent Films, Foley Art
Listings: The Cast of Caligari and their Perfect Villains.

Gazette No. 6     Another Donovan’s Brain Edition – Fall 2005
Articles: The Theremin and On the Sound Effects Table
Essay: Dangerous Rationalizing
Listings: The Cast of Donovan’s Brain and their Radio Drama Reflections

Gazette No. 5     The Caligari Edition – Summer 2005
Articles: Historical Notes, German Expressionism, Live Actors w/ Silent Films, The Theremin, Foley Art
Listings: The Cast of Caligari and the Films that Scared the Bejeezus Out of Them

Gazette No. 4   Spring 2005
Articles: The Theremin, Triall Ro-Crua, The Instruments of Srzazhalys
Essay: Who is the Villain of Donovan’s Brain?
Interview: David Geister
Listings: Cast Notes for Donovan’s Brain

Gazette No. 3     Winter 2005
Articles: The Theremin and The Instruments of Srzazhalys
Essay: Who is the Villain of Donovan’s Brain?
Interview: Horace Greeley the Lesser
Listings: Cast Notes for Donovan’s Brain, Cast Notes for The Musicker’s Lantern

Gazette No. 2     Fall 2004
Articles: Triall Ro-Crua: A Very Hard Journey, Flyhard Jenkins
Listings: Production Notes for The Musicker’s Lantern
Musings: Time in the Light by Steve Siekkinen

Gazette No. 1     The Musicker’s Tribunal Edition – Summer 2004
Gylych the Suona Trumpeter, Dmitri Andreyev, Tomita Kyu
Listings: Production Notes for The Musicker’s Tribunal