Hazynaly Horjun

Hazynaly Horjun

This game and activity book for T.E.F.L. (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) was created in 1997 in the country of Turkmenistan. J Roth was serving in the Peace Corps at the time as an English teacher. He collected game and activity ideas from his fellow volunteers, ideas that had proven successful in their classrooms. After combining them with several ideas of his own, he enlivened the work by adding dozens of drawings made by the school children in the town of Gazanjyk (now called Bereket), where he lived.

The book was published by the Peace Corps in Turkmenistan to be used by future volunteers and the local teachers there. Turkmen translations accompany the English.

The book makes no claim to be groundbreaking in terms of pedagogy, but the ideas therein are “battle tested” and easily adaptable to not only the needs of T.E.F.L. teachers but also E.S.L. teachers. Really though, many of the ideas – with a little tweaking – could be used by teachers of almost all subjects.

By the goodwill of the teachers and children who contributed to the book’s creation, it is being offered here for all to use, free of charge. It’s asked that that goodwill not be betrayed by anyone attempting to use ideas or drawings from the book for monetary gain.

Links to view or download the book are below. (*Please note that the paper available for use in Turkmenistan at the time of the printing was not white, thus the pages are darker. If printing, it’s suggested you attempt to choose a lighter setting on your printer to save ink.)

Introduction and Thanks
User’s Guide
Table of Contents
Part 1: Speaking
Part 2: Art
Part 3: Writing and Bingo Games
Part 4: Cards and Pictures
Part 5: Movement
Part 6: On the Board