Musicker’s Balalaika (show)

Cover art by J Roth


The musical tale begun in The Musicker’s Tribunal and continued in The Musicker’s Lantern carries on in this third episode of the Musicker’s Misadventures.

The Musicker, apprehended after his attempted escape into the Nether, is forced by the Tribunal to testify about his life as the Russian-Gypsy man, Dmitri-Tshaya, who lived during World War II.

Swept up amidst the most brutal warfare the Realm of Substance has ever known, Dmitri-Tshaya painfully recounts his life story as he wields balalaika, domra, guitar, and clarinet in his struggle to prove his innocence to the Tribunal and to himself.

Music Soundtrack

Audience Reviews from the 2006 Minnesota Fringe Festival

Musicker’s Gazette No. 10 tells more about the production.