-Demos and Independent Releases-
The albums below feature the work of J Roth, categorized by
Solo Works, Collaborative Works, and Soundtracks.

Solo Works

Ship in a Bottle (2022)
The Final Hunt (2019)
easy (2013)
Brother Nature (2010)
Set Sail for the Isle of Misfit Toys (2009)
Another Hunt (2009)
The Hunt (2004)
Under a Blue Sun (2003)

Collaborative Works

String Derby (2018)
Srazhalys (2013)
Chickens on the Freeway (2011)
Wallace & the Dragon (2007)
St. Theresa’s Diesel (1995)


The Gra’man (2021)
Walk Among the Boxes (2014)
Rekindle Cinema (2010)
The Little Prince (2010)
Le Phonometrician (2009)
Mamed and the Golden Coins (2008)
The Mess at Tesla’s (2008)
The Dragonfly Hunter: In the Shadows (2007)
The Musicker’s Balalaika (2006)
Caligari (2006)
The Dragonfly Hunter (2004)

Radio Dramas with New Soundtracks Composed by J Roth

The Camel’s Back (2007)
Donovan’s Brain (2005)